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John R. Thawley
Principal 1999 - 2011
The most interesting pages are those created by children and staff working co-operatively; this has been a part of journey in the ICT PD contract.

Last thoughts
The end of the year saw me resign as Principal of this fine school. My health had not been good for sometime, I took sick-leave for most of the last four weeks of the year to give an opportunity for Mrs Vicki Lewis to have time as Acting Principal, I left copious notes and several computer files to assist her in this task and remained in contact through this time.

The school quickly benefitted from her professionalism and energy, Final prize giving in the marquee was a moving experience for everyone orchestrated by Vicki, the Team and the children.

2011 has been a challenge for LMS and the Lyttelton community generally, two series of earthquakes hit the school severely, Feb 22 and June 13 have left all of us in an ongoing state of nervous acceptance. The Staff have risen to the challenge, working with and supporting the children and each other has been a strong indication of the depth of character of the Team. Ably supported by the Board of Trustees under the leadership of Craig McGuigan (Chairman).

I look forward to retirement but hope to remain in contact with the school, the staff and community via the WWW.

31 December 2011

28 February 2010 - School Fair. This was fantastic, check-out the pdf file below.

15 Sept 2010
This policy needs some refinements following the series of earthquakes following
.. the 7.1 'quake on 4 Sept 2010.
The school came through unscathed, children, parents and staff are all pretty shaken up. The first week back, we have taken a low key approach giving children the opportunity to share their experiences but also allowing those who do not to talk / write / draw about the events - freedom to not take part. See today's newsleter - JRT Newsletter 15Sep2010 for more details.

John Thawley