This page is for readings and research that will be of great interest to you:

Term 3, 2009
"Each lead teacher needs to have developed systems for staff to read relevant readings and research articles and to engage in professional dialogue about how ICT can be integrated into teaching and learning, and to increase their understanding of effective teaching and learning strategies. "
This is stated in our Second Milestone.

external image msword.png Authentic Uses of Technology.docexternal image msword.png Digital Age Learning 01.docexternal image msword.png Equity.doc
external image msword.png How Will You Use Tec#55AF17.docexternal image msword.png Meaningful, Engaged Learning.docexternal image msword.png Training Teachers for Using Technology.doc
external image pdf.png Managing Complex Change.pdfexternal image pdf.png Peter senge-learning organization.pdfexternal image pdf.png Leadership for Change.pdf
external image pdf.png Leadership Dimensions.pdf

Please take the time to upload your own readings if you have ones of value to anyone in the cluster.

external image pdf.png Web_2.0_Projects.pdf

external image pdf.png Web 2.0 Tools in the Reading Classroom.pdf

external image msword.png Why should educators be using web 2.doc